Otter Lake Booster Club Paid Memberships--July 2014-July 2015

Amundson, Don and Jenn

Angus, Dennis and Laurel

Blaul, John

Bowe, Ron and Joan

Bruhn, Larry and Mary

Cukla, Jim and Karen

Daniels, Jill

Diehl, Mark

Denzin, Harriet

Duetschlander, Jeff and Diane

Edwards, Family of 4 of Escondido, CA

Forester, Gary

France, Travis and Edith

Fritz, Gary and Jane

Goodman Sr., John

Hagen, Steven and Susan

Hatlestad, Jim and Dee

Hegrenes, Eric and Sheila

Hughes, Terry and Micki

Jepson, Herb and Shirley

Koch, Norm

Komay, Greg and Terri & Family

Komay, Jeff and Karen & Family

Konik, Larry and Margie

Kuester, Butch and Kathy

Lappley, John and Donna

Liske, Dan and Judy

Lorenz, Larry and Joanie

Mertens, Jim

Olin, Mike and Cheryl

Olson, Loren and Victoria "Fresh N Clean"

Perkl, Mike and Family

Peterlik, Chuck

Plombon, Butch and Family

Roth, Pete and Dawn

Schunk, Duane and Phyllis

Sheffer, Jeff and Chom Hae

Stopka, Bob and Bettie

Turecek, William and Joyce

Utphall, George and Elizabeth

Utphall, Nicholas and Acacia Latka

Weggen, Don and Diane

Wilson, Darla R

Winkler, David and Mary Jo


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