2022 Youth Free Ice Fishing Contest

& Annual Rod & Gun Ice Fishing Contest

On Beautiful Otter Lake 

January 15, 2022




May 11, 2021 Meeting Highlights

13 Members attended the meeting

Joanne Jacks will be playing this year at our Charcoal Chicken Dinner

Raffle Tickets will be on sale within the next 2 weeks

A D Docks will be checking the East Shore Access Dock in June

New Benefit Otter Lake Caps will be ordered soon

President Liske informed all that the county is still working on the Beach Upgrade Plan

We will be purchasing a PA System for events we sponsor

PLEASE contact one of our officers to signup for a work shift at the Chicken Dinner

Thank You for your Support!!!!


Edith France has been elected our new Secretary.

Good luck Edith and I am sure you will do a great job.

Thank you Micki Hughes for your run as Secretary

and know that all your work was & is greatly appreciated.


Officers Elected


  • * President Dany Liske & Vice President Terry Hughes have 2 year terms. Election 2020
  • * Secretary Micki Hughes will continue as Secretary until a volunteer steps forward for nomination.
    • * Diane Weggen 2 Year Term Treasurer. Re-elected until 2022

The Board of Directors:

  • * Jeff Deutschlander 3 Year Term Trustee. Elected until 2023
  • * Jeff Sheffer 2 Year Term Trustee. Elected until 2022
  • * Herb Jepson 1 Year Term Trustee. Elected until 2021 


2020 Raffle - No Chicken Dinner was held due to COVID-19


 President Liske reports that at our last meeting AJ Leiden, AIS Coordinator (aquatic Invasive Species) was our guest, and he talked to us about being proactive to protect our Great Lake from invasive species.  We are planning to form a committee to do just that.  Jeff Deutschlander has volunteered to spearhead this committee.  You will be hearing from him and He will be looking for supporting help.  I am asking that anyone who might be able to help, no matter how little time you might have, to sign on.  It is vital for the future of our Lake that we now enjoy.  Thank you for your support.


Our Annual Free Youth Ice Fishing Contest is:


From our President Dan: "...contest has been put on hold

for this year, due again to the snow depth and

also the water on the ice."

And from Mike:

All conditions were considered to make this decision. Snow depth

for plowing or even allowing entrants to find an area not right

on the ice road to fish, water on the ice that attributed

to the cancellation of the Ice Racing Feb. 16th and warmer

weather making for even more slush & water on the ice.

We are so sorry but hope for a bigger & better contest in 2020.

Thank you all for your support.

Mike Olin, WEB Master

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Message from out-going President Gary Fritz:

Well, this will be my last message as the president of the Otter Lake Boosters.  As many of you already know I will be stepping down as president of the Boosters as of the first of July.  

First of all I want to thank all the Booster members and members of the community for the support I have received over the years.  It has been my pleasure to serve as your president.
Dan Liske will be the new president and I am sure that he will receive the same support as I have.
Dan and his wife Judy have lived on the West side of Otter lake for the past 12 years.  They have been members in the club since moving to the lake. 
     Very Respectfully,
      Gary Fritz

Booster Club Projects Report  From President Fritz:

The only funding the Otter Lake Boosters Club Inc receives is from the community, other club donations, our annual chicken dinner, personal donations, and memberships..  

As most everyone knows the club supports the aerators that supply oxygen to the lake during the winter months.  This past year we have done more work on the East side of the lake public access trail and parking area.  We are in the process of working on the West side public access and off road parking now.  We have added gravel to the parking area and opened a temporary walking trail to the lake.  The trail is wide enough to ride a 4 wheeler but it is a rough ride at this time. We will be doing more work on the trail this spring. 

We have made a down payment on a fishing dock that will be placed on the public access property on the East side of the lake.  The dock will be installed this coming spring. 

We are continuing to work with Chippewa County Parks & Facilities on projects to improve the Otter Lake County Day Use Park. We purchased Goose Away machines to help with the goose problem in the swimming and Day Use Park areas. 

We also paid to have the pavilion re-wired. 

The FREE Youth Ice Fishing Contest that we sponsor every February has been a big success with 60 to 140 kids attending each of the last eleven (11) years. Kids range in age from infants to 15 years of age and have to be accompanied by an adult. 

Our club is dedicated to bettering the Otter Lake experience for residents and visitors alike. Thank you for your support.

2018 FREE Youth Ice Fishing Contest

Saturday, February 10, 2018

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The following is the letter our President, Gary Fritz received from the DNR regarding the September 26, 2017 Otter Lake Survey. 

Good Morning Gary,

On Tuesday night (the 26th), we conducted our annual walleye recruitment survey on Otter Lake which consisted of electrofishing the entire shoreline (15 miles).  As expected, we did not see any naturally reproduced walleye.  This is likely due to a lack of suitable spawning habitat and predation of walleye fry by bass and bluegills.  For this survey,  only walleye were collected.  A total of 42 walleye were collected and they ranged from 14.5”-23.4”.   Many of these walleye are likely from the 2013 and 2015 Wisconsin Walleye Initiative stocking events.  The assumed 2015 fish are about 17” and the assumed 2013 fish are about 20”.  These fish will be aged this winter so we can confirm these ages.   As I mentioned last year, the growth rates of these walleye are phenomenal compared to other area lakes likely due to the abundance of forage. 

Otter Lake was stocked with 6,000+ extended growth (6”) walleye late last week as part of the Walleye Initiative.  I expect some of these fish to show up as legal fish as soon as 2019. 

Otter Lake is on rotation this coming spring (2018) for a comprehensive survey.  All fish are collected in a comprehensive survey, so we will have much more data to look at next year. 

Hope this helps,



2017 36th Annual Charcoal Chicken Dinner was a great success again this year.

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2017 Free Youth Ice Fishing Contest was a huge success again this February

Click to see 2017 Contest Poster  

From President Gary Fritz,

 I want to personally thank everyone that helped in any way to make this years Chicken Dinner a BIG SUCCESS!!!!!!  

This year was the best year that we have had in the past 4-5 years.  We served over 450 meals.
Without the support of the Otter Lake Boosters and area residents this fund raiser for Otter Lake could and would not have happened.
Some people have asked what the money raise is used for.  All monies raised during the Chicken dinner stay rite here.  They may be used to enhance the area around the lake,  paying a portion of the electric bill for the aerators , building a parking lot for walk-on  fishermen early and late ice, installing another fishing dock, planting of fish, and many other projects.

More FROM THE PREZ (Jan 7th):


I'd like to thank everyone in the Booster Club for their support on our projects

for this past year.

The kids fishing contest had to be postponed due to the weather, but we still had

a great turn out. The contest for this year is scheduled for the 13th of Feb. 

     We have successfully completed three major projects this year:

      The first one was getting Chippewa County to contribute more FUNDS for

the aerator electric bill for the next 10 years. 

      Rewiring the larger pavilion in the day use park on Otter Lake.

      The last one this past year we have been working on for the past 4 years.


       For those who are not aware the County was going to sell a particle of land

under a pilot program about four years ago. At that time the Otter Lake Boosters

addressed the county committee and the land was taken off the program.

Since that time we have been trying to get the property turned over to the

Town of Colburn. After many meetings with different county committee over the

past years the Chippewa County Board has finally


      Now the land will remain public access and cannot be sold!!!!

This year we will be working on other projects to enhance accessibility to the lake

and improve on shore fishing.

I hope that everyone is having a great new year and I'm looking forward to seeing

all of you in the coming year.

Thanks again for your continued support

Gary Fritz

President: Otter Lake Boosters


Click here for   2014 DNR SURVEY REPORT


Club President, Gary Fritz has announced that

starting July 1st



2016 Otter Lake Walleye Regulations

Bag Limit of 3 Walleye per day 15" minimum

No Walleyes between 20" - 24" may be kept

Only 1 Walleye over 24" may be kept  


 Lake Reports: 

2/17/16  Fishing for the most part seems to have been tough again this year on Otter.

That being said, there are days when pan fish hit really really good.

Most days if you move around you can catch a meal or two of gills, crappies & perch.

 Have a great great day on Otter.   Tight Lines & Good Luck.

Email me [] with your fishing report on Otter Lake!  



Click Link below for:

DNR 2014 Otter Lake Fish Survey Netting Photos



On a personal note...  Don Weggen, you are greatly missed. Thank you for all you did for our Otter Lake community and for our Veterans. May you always be near our Lord in His home and do research for the Big Guy now & Tight Lines to you up there.  Mike


Saturday, February 20th Stanley Sportsman Club Chapman Lake


                         2015 Chicken Dinner Photos




First of all I want to thank all the members and other volunteers that again gave up their time to support  me and the Otter Lake Booster Club to make this event successful again this year!

As I walked around the pavilion on Sunday it was evident that everyone was enjoying themselves with the food, music, and the raffles.  I talked to many people that said this was one of the best chicken dinners they have had this summer.  Great job cooks!

We had individuals and companies from the surrounding area that donated products for our raffles.  I would like to suggest that we try to support them in any way we can. They were:

Julian Symbal, (Julian Symbal's Transport)  Jane & Greg Prosecky, (Cedar Ridge Camp Ground)  Kwiktrip, Yellow Stone Cheese,  Mike Folczyk, (Folczyk Sugar Bush)  Pete & Dawn Roth, (Roth Sugar Bush)  Cheryl Olin, (Culligan Water)  and Boyd Catering.

Other companies that help support this event were:  Otter Lake Bait and Camp Store, Hansen's IGA, and Gordy's.  Please support these sponsors.

On behalf of myself and the Otter Lake Boosters I again want to thank everyone that came out and supported this event.


We look forward to having you at our dinner again next year.

                    Gary Fritz, President Otter Lake Boosters

Click here for the 2015  34th Annual Charcoal Chicken Dinner



I'd like to thank all the adults that took time out of their schedules to bring the kids out to the fishing contest yesterday.
Although we only had 64 kids turn out (mostly because of the cold weather) everyone that I talked to had a great time.  We had some families from as far away as Wausau.  The kids that were there caught a lot of nice size fish and all but one fish category was filled.
Again this year the kids received a gift when they registered and drew for prizes for every fish that they caught.  At the end of the contest there were drawings for gift certificates from some of our sponsors.
Trophies and medallions were given for first through fifth place for crappie, blue gill and perch
in two age groups. up to 10  and 11 to 15.
Thanks to all the club members and volunteers that helped again this year to make this kids contest a success.  Without your support these activities would not take place.
Hope to see everyone next year!

2016 Youth Ice Fishing Contest

Saturday, February 13th

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I hope that everyone is having a great Holliday Season!  I am looking forward to
the Free KIDS fishing contest that is scheduled for the 13th of February.
Hopefully this year the weather will cooperate so we will not have to reschedule.
Again this year we will be giving each child a gift for every fish that is caught.
All concessions will be $ .25.  We will also have drawings at the end of the
contest for prizes for the kids and parents. 
Registration will start at 10:00,  Contest from 11:00AM  - 2:00pm
Any questions please feel free to contact any of the officers

Special Quilt Raffle at 34th Annual Charcoal Chicken Dinner

Sunday, July 19, 2015  11am to 5pm

Made by "The Otter Lake Quilters"

[59"W x 76"L]

GREAT JOB Quilters 


Feb 28, 2015 - 9th Annual Free Youth Ice Fishing Contest

Click here for POSTER            PHOTOS OF GOOD TIME 2015

On behalf of the Otter Lake Boosters I would like to personally thank all the adult family member that took the time to bring the kids out for the contest.
Even after having to postpone the contest for two weeks we still had 107 kids sign up.  We normally have between 130-160 that attend.  This is the only contest in the area that is put on strictly for the kids.
All the fish categories were filled this year with some really nice fish being caught.  We do not have categories for Northern, Bass, or Walleye but there  were some nice sized Northern and Bass caught that day.
This was the 9th year that the Booster Club has sponsored this contest.
We look forward to seeing you again next year.
Normally the contest is the 2nd Saturday of February.
Again thanks for bringing the kids out for an enjoyable afternoon of fishing!!!!
Gary Fritz  President Otter Lake Boosters
Even after having to postpone the contest we registered 107 kids today.
Earlier in the week it looked as though we might be short handed but as it turned out we had plenty of help for this event.
The weather was a little windy this afternoon but for the most part it was a very nice day.
Every fish category was filled this year, and some really nice fish took the top spots in the crappie and blue gill categories. A 1 lb crappie was caught, and that is the biggest one that I have seen out of this lake in a while.
Thanks to all the donations that we received we were still able to give a prize for every fish that the kids caught. 
Next year same time same place!!!!!
Thanks again for all of your support!!!!!!!     Gary Fritz


 Creel Check Survey to continue through 2014-2015 Winter

More information coming soon.......


Another Successful Charcoal Chicken Sunday

 Click here for Photos


I would like to again thank everyone for the help and support that you have given me and the Booster club this past year.  Without the members and other supports of the club we could not of accomplished everything that transpired this year. 
At our meeting Tuesday, August  19th we received the results of our chicken dinner.  We made a good profit this year and it is the best that we have done in quite a few years. 
A lot of things were discussed at the meeting and we have some things that still need to be addressed.  We did have a good turn out, but it would be nice if we could get all the members to attend a meeting.  Remember this is your club, and your input is needed and welcome. 
If you have any questions about the club please feel free to call me or any officer of the club for information. 
President, Gary Fritz

Sunday, July 20th

One of the most beautiful days we have ever had for our Charcoal Chicken Dinner Benefit...


It was also an awesome job by all our workers and contributors.

See Photo Link above.

Saturday, July  19th

From President Fritz:  I want to personally thank everyone that took time out of their schedule today to help set up.  Without the help of all of you this dinner could not take place.




I received a e mail from DNR Warden John Scheiber last week stating that the DNR was going to start to net the lake.  They set out 10 nets on the lake from the North end to the South end and started their count.  Don Weggen and I were at the South landing yesterday (Saturday) and watched them count fish out of a couple of the nets.  The guys from the DNR were pulling the last three nets Saturday morning, and were going to shock the lake last night (Saturday).  We understand they shocked up into Otter Creek also. We saw some really nice fish and the guys said that the fish in the lake are in really good shape.  We will keep in contact with them and get a full report when it is completed.  We took photos (I should say my grand son)  and will get them downloaded so we can get them on the web site.  Blue gills are averaging about 7", there is about 1 walleye per acre or maybe a little less,  crappies were all on the small size.

Creel counts will be done all through the year to increase the accuracy of the survey.

Any questions give me a call.


August 19, 2014 - President Fritz reported that the DNR has, at this time, determined that there will probably not be any changes in bag limits to Otter Lake. The creel survey is continuing through the winter however.



Another HUGE Success!!!!!!!!!

Photos [Click Here]

2014 Free Youth Ice Fishing Contest Poster [Click Here]

Our turnout was down a little but those that were there had a great time. I believe we registered 82 youth and sold some 140 hot dogs & a bunch of hot chocolate.  Everyone braved the cold weather & some wind off and on but when the sun came out it was very bearable. We had 2 50-50 Raffle winners & a very happy door-prize winner. Thank You to everyone that attended and we hope to see you next year. 

Officers Elected  

  • * President Gary Fritz & Vice President Dany Liske have 2 year terms.
  • * Secretary Micki Hughes & Treasurer Diane Weggen have 1 year left on their terms.

The Board of Directors:

  • * Terry Hughes 3 Year Term Director
  • * Herb Jepson 2 Year Term Director  
  • * Dennis Angus 1 Year Term Director  

CLICK HERE to view all Agenda & Minutes of meetings

Check out our new contributions under the Contributors tab.

NOTE: Only make contributions directly to club officers. DONOT use on-line sites that claim to accept donations unless approved by OLBC, Inc.!

If you are interested in placing a small ad sheet on our site please call one of the officers or myself. See Contacts tab for numbers & emails.


12/28/13 14" to 18" of ice at this point but several inches of slush & about 7" of snow. Cold spell coming in now so let's hope it don't turn the fish off. Last couple days have been pretty good. Some nice Gils, Crappies & even some decent perch. Aereators are operating so be careful if you fish around the open water. Be safe and Tight Lines.

12/12/13 Estimates are that there is as much as 11 inches of ice. Some shanties are being put on the ice now. I have seen snowmobiles & 4 Wheelers. Haven't heard any real fish reports yet.

12/10/13 It looks like the aereator barriers should be going up & the aereators fired up some time between December 13th & 21st. I have also heard one report that there is approximately 8 inches of ice most places on Otter Lake.

JULY 8th, 2013

- I receive great compliments from folks at the South Landing about the new dock the Sportsman's Club put in.  I also think I have solved the collapsing garbage bag problem with the garbage barrel. Thanks to Pete Rudawski who donated giant rubberbands to hold the top of the bags.. Hopefully this will do the job.

Wisconsin Conservation Congress

April 2, 2013 Results of the resolution (25 pan fish daily bag limit with no more than 10 bluegill included) proposed by Mike Olin and the booster club are in.

The resolution passed 32 to 20.  You can view the results of all the resolutions voted on by going to the DNR link under our Links tab and then searching Conservation Congress. There was also a question voted on pertaining to a bag limit change on Miller Dam Flowage that passed. There were 64 attendees at this voting session. An explanation of the process of adopting resolutions and changes is also available on that site along with dates of other meetings and much more.

DNR Meetings on Panfish in Wisconsin

February 19th at 7pm - Eau Claire DNR Office (1300 W Clairemont Ave)

About 20 sportsmen attend the meeting with Otter Lake represented by Dany Liske, Gary Fritz, John Lappley, Don Weggen & Mike Olin. Al Brown was also in attendance. Heath Benike ran the meeting & gave a short powerpoint presentation. Some of the interesting facts he presented were:

  • *55.7 Million Panfish caught 2006 - 2007   with   25.7  Harvested (kept)
  • *Panfish were 66% of all species of fish harvested during that period.
  • *Bluegil    Avg. caught  under 6" - harvested Avg. just over 8"
  • *Crappie   Avg. caught under 8" - harvested Avg. 11.5"
  • *Perch   Avg. caught under 6" - harvested Avg. under 10"

Harvest 1998 thru 2008

      • *Bluegil       Avg. caught 6" - harvested Avg. 8
      • Crappie         Avg. caught 8" - harvested Avg. 11"
      • *Perch     Avg. caught 7" - harvested Avg. 10"  

Benike stated this shows that the top end of the panfish population is being harvested every year.

Four lakes are already at a 10 panfish bag limit at this time: Long Lake (Chippewa Cty), Altoona, Tainter, Menomin & all water in St. Croix Cty. There was much discussion and questions on the problems facing the panfish population. Any changes to regulations take 3 years to initiate & get approved weither presented by independent residents, clubs or even the DNR themselfs. This means that the soonest any new regulation would go into effect would be 2016.

The attendees filled out a survey that will be a huge part in determining what happens in Wisconsin. You can access the survey & fill it out by going to the following web site:

For more information or to voice your opinion or concerns you can contact:

Thank You


Another crew of club members chipped up the brush that was created previously.

Thanks for your help guys.

(Gary F., Terry H., Ron B., Don W. & Mike O.) The chipper worked great and it all looks very nice.   

Click here for photos  / 10/16/12

A crew of club members cleared several areas for shore fishing from public access area on the lake. Some pathway access will still be done. Enjoy.  10/4/12  / Click here for photos

Thank you to the crew of Gary Fritz, Terry Hughes, John Goodman, Ron Bowe, Herb Jepson, Hughes,  Don Amundson & Mike Olin. 


Hi everyone,

I would like to personally thank everyone for their dedication and help to make another kids fishing contest a success.  Without your help this contest could not take place.  Although we did not have as many kids this year, as it was a little cooler then last year all of the kids and parents seemed to have a good time. Thanks again!!!

President Otter Lake Boosters - Gary Fritz

Otter Lake report: 02/09/13 - SUCCESS once again... The annual Kid's Free Fishing Contest was a blast again. Smaller turnout of kids but the largest crappies in the history of the contest.  10 crappies between .55 #s & 1#.  Keep checking here for the results, all the prize winners & photos. We want to thank everyone involved & everyone that came out to enjoy good fishing & a great time with family, friends & fellow fishermen. You all made our contest another fun event on Otter Lake. THANK YOU ALL. Mike



Another crew of club members chipped up the brush that was created previously.

Thanks for your help guys. (Gary F., Terry H., Ron B., Don W. & Mike O.) The chipper worked great and it all looks very nice. Click here for photos 10/16/12

A crew of club members cleared several areas for shore fishing from public access area on the lake. Some pathway access will still be done. Enjoy. Thank you to the crew of Gary Fritz, Terry Hughes, John Goodman, Ron Bowe, Herb Jepson, Hughes, Don Amundson & Mike Olin. 10/4/12 Click here for photos


Message from the President

Many thanks to all of you, members and non-members alike, who participated in the effort to preserve for public use a Chippewa County-owned lot on Otter Lake. The County is embarking on a pilot program to sell tax deed acquired properties and the Otter Lake property was at the top of the list. The property is used extensively by the public as an access for ice-fishing and for shoreline fishing.

We extend our special thanks to the sportsman’s organizations and individuals who wrote letters and contacted their representatives on the County Board to express opposition to the sale of the property.

The County Board, at its regular meeting on November 8th, by a vote of 22 to 6, removed the Otter Lake property from the Pilot Program.

Our president Gary Fritz notified me that both aerators are running. Both aerators are on timers so they will run at full speed 12 hrs & half speed 12 hours every day.


  • Chicken Dinner profit comparable to past years.
  • Walleye Stocking spearheaded by Stanley Sportsmen Club will occur this fall.
  • Annual Youth Ice Fishing Contest preparation already started.
  • South Landing Fishing Pier still in planning stages.
  • Grooming of east shore county land for shore fishing being planned by club.


I’d like to give everyone that helped set up and clean up for the chicken dinner a BIG THANK YOU!!. I think that we had a fairly good turn out considering the weather. This was the last year that we will have Joanne Jacks for our dinner as she is going to retire. She will be missed as she has been a part of our dinner for the last 10 years. We are lucky enough to have a member of our club that has a band and will be playing next year. Thanks Tina! I’d also like to thank all the cooks, bartenders, and food servers for a job well done. A special thanks goes out to:

  • Dan Williams for bringing his grill & helping cook chicken.
  • Cheryl Olin of Sterling Water Culligan for bottled water donation.
  • Jimmy Dircks for storage of club trailer & barrels.
  • Judy & Dany Liske & Herb & Shirley Jepson for real estate signs made into new chalk board signs.
  • Butch Kuester for dust prevention watering down of the road into the park.
  • Herb & Shirley Jepson for Cranberry Juice for raffles.
  • Jenn Amundson for a hand-made apron for raffle.
  • Julian & Cindi Symbol for our dinner cheese curds.
  • New Member, Mike Folczyk for use of his barn fan.
  • (We apologize to anyone we might have missed)
  • Pres. Gary Fritz & your officers


 Everyone was GREAT!!!! What a Team!!!

Click here for 2012 Chicken Dinner Cash Raffle Winners

Click Here for view of 2012 Poster


2011-2012 Cash Donations Received

A special THANKS goes out to Ron Bowe, John Goodman & Terry Hughes for their donations of gravel, a culvert & labor in fixing up the entrance of the county land (trail) access point on the east side of Otter Lake on 366th St. Good Job Guys!

  • Taylor County Sportsman's Club - Medford, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $300.00
  • Stanley Rod and Gun Club - Stanley, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $500.00
  • Chequamegon Wildlife and Recreation Club - Medford, WI club of supporters: $300.00
  • CVORA (Chippewa Valley Outdoor Resource Alliance) for aerator parts: $1,922.55
  • Stanley Sportsmans Club - Stanley, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $1,530.26

Irma M. and Vincent E. Miller Endowment Fund  [Click Link for more information]

  • for fiscal year 2010- 2011: $234.00
  • Loren & Vicki Olson of Fresh 'n' Kleen, Inc., residents on Otter Lake: $500.00
  • Thorp Sportsman's Club - Thorp, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $500.00
  • Roosevelt Rod and Gun Club - Lublin, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $500.00
  • Stanley Rod & Gun Club - Stanley, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $200.00
  • Doug Wagner - Stanley, WI: $75.00
  • Travis Brovold - Eau Claire, WI satisfied fisherman who utilizes Otter Lake resources: $50.00
  • Rock Dam Rod & Gun Club - Willard, WI club of supporting sportsmen & women: $50.00
  • Dave & Pat Jankoski - Stanley, WI: $25.00
  • Don & Barb Dukerschein - Chippewa Falls, WI: $25.00
  • James & Karen Cukla - Stanley, WI: $15.00

2011 Chicken Dinner Contributors

  • Symbal Transport - Cheese Curds (Paddle Raffles)
  • Rich's General Store - Freezer Use for Ice Cream
  • Stanley Rodeo - Beverage Cooler Use
  • Poor Man's Paradise - Miscellaneous Prizes (Paddle Raffles)
  • Brewster Island / Roth Sugarbush - Maple Syrup & Pancake Mix (Paddle Raffles)
  • Culligan of Eau Claire (Cheryl Mrdutt Olin, Sales) - Bottled Water  


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