What Does the Booster Club Do?

The mission of the Otter Lake Booster Club, Inc. is to maintain and enhance Otter Lake.

The Booster Club, Town of Colburn, Chippewa County Facilities & Parks, Stanley Sportsman's Club & other area sporting organizations all pay for the electricity to run the aerators in the winter—$3,500 to $5,500 per year in recent years—and the Booster Club provides some of the parts to keep the aerators running.  Without the aerators the fish would die from lack of oxygen in the winter.

The club also makes improvements to the lake, lake shore & general recreation area.

A few of the club's projects include:

  1. Constructed the large pavilion at the county park day use area
  2. Help built and enhance additional lake access owned by Colburn Township, in cooperation with the Stanley Sportsman’s Club. These sites allow winter access and some summer fishing access.
  3. Stocks the lake with game fish periodically
  4. Conducts an annual free ice fishing contest for youths 15 and under.  Club members drill holes and mentor participants as necessary.  Winners receive a trophy or medallion.  A prize is given for each fish caught, and all entrants receive a modest prize as well.
  5. Sponsor Annual Charcoal Chicken Dinner at Day Use Park on Otter Lake as a fund raiser. 

Check our HISTORY  for more facts about Otter Lake & The Otter Lake Booster Club.


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